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Maryam Ajmal Women’s College of Arts & Science, Kharupetia


It gives me immense pleasure to invite you to peep into the blooming buds of Maryam Ajmal Women’s College of Arts & Science. I thank you for your interest in this exceptional institution which has recorded  8  years of constant development, in the course of which it has accomplished much, making it one of the colleges recognized for its excellence and therefore, much sought after the fresh applicants.

  Maryam Ajmal Women’s College of Arts & Science brings sound academic as well as vibrant co -curricular programme. Our mission is to inculcate moral values, love for knowledge and to develop life skills in our students for making them responsible global citizens. This will make them strong to face the hardship of future with positive attitude.

At  Maryam Ajmal Women’s College of Arts & Science we believe that the students will aspire for excellence and will get all round development to stand empowered.

          I am extremely happy to welcome you to the college. Let’s make a better and bright future together.